Get our professional support for sale in Japan!!

Crowdfunding agency service


​Moana trading 



Moana” has the meaning of big ocean in Hawaiian language. We are jumping over that Moana and doing business in trade.​ We focus on introducing exciting and innovative products from all over the world to Japanese consumers. With our professional and extensive e-commerce experience, we can help marketing and launching your innovative product in Japanese market successfully!

Get our professional support for sale in Japan!!

Crowdfunding agency service


​Moana trading 



We can launch your product on multiple crowdfunding sites


Green Funding




We localize the project page in Japanese and prepare all required arrangement to launch crowdfunding campaign.


Press release, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, crowdfunding platform advertisement, and much more!

Customer management

Manage customer inquiry and claim. Handle local shipping, return, or exchange.

Our Fees

​Initial Flat $2000 introduction fee for preparing landing page and other arrangements. + 5% of raised funding amount

※ All other marketing cost and local shipping cost will be on you, but we will manage operation.

Our achievements

YYukari Taguchi


Backer 1,088


This is a toy for hay fever countermeasures. We do the best selling season and we are able to succeed​


Backer 409

This is the translator compatible for 36 languages. Many Japanese don’t speak English, so there is high demand in Japan,, especially, we have Tokyo Olympic in 2020. This translator will play an active part during the Olympic.


Backer 186


We can do marketing to meet the needs of Japanese people.

Even if it is a high priced product


Backer​ 598


This product has undergone several crowdfundings, with a total of $ 150,000 in funding


Backer​ 280

This item had many offers from the major mass retailers after funding. There is still a sales route after crowdfunding

These are a few of our recent examples and there are much more!!

Let's work with us

​Our talented designer and copywriter will japanise your product branding that will match to Japanese market.




Yukari Tguchi

Like this rainbow, we can connect your product and Japanese consumers


Company profile



Yukari  Taguchi

Head Office Location

1-14-4, Tsunoe-cho, Takatsuki-shi,
Osaka,569-0822, Japan

Business lineup

Import, Sales, Marketing

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